CFHY March Athlete of the Month

CrossFit Hyannis March Athlete of the Month

This month the CrossFit Hyannis athlete of the month is Erika Leahy!  Erika has been with us since we first opened our doors, and has one of the most consistent attendance of any of our athletes.  In the past year she has seen amazing progress and strength gains, and she is just beginning to scrape the surface of her human potential.

Erika has taken the time and effort to learn the form of the many movements that we do including all of the big lifts.  She had the sense to not worry about HOW MUCH she was lifting, but rather put her energies into form and proper technique.  This has allowed her to see consistent and large gains over time in all of her lifts, while maintaining proper form.  She is a reminder to all of us of the CrossFit principle that addresses the proper order of how we should attack movement:  mechanics, consistency, and then intensity.  It’s far too easy to forget that we first must work on our mechanics, do so consistently, and only then should we add intensity (adding weight, going faster, etc.).  Because Erika took the time to set a good foundation for herself, she is now a powerhouse.  A very well-dressed powerhouse.

Erika competed in the Clash on the Cape competition and has been throwing down in the CrossFit Open.  She recently hit a new PR on her clean and jerk, and did so with beautiful form.  She’s into 3-digit lifts and they’re all creeping up.  The fact that she has more regularly come in on the weekends to train, work on her lifts, mobilize, and address her weaknesses has been another factor to her continued success.  Erika is a little over a year into CrossFit, and she continues to get better every day.  Keep up the great work Erika!!!

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