CFHY May Athlete of the Month: Abby Dudley!

The CrossFit Hyannis Athlete of the Month for May is Abby Dudley!!!  Abby is one of the most supportive athletes at the gym- always bringing her positive energy and team spirit to whatever class she’s in.  Not to mention- she’s strong and works her butt off!

In all of the hundreds (if not thousands) of interactions I’ve had with and witnessed Abby have- not once has there been one that is negative.  That includes both how she interacts with others- always supporting people and cheering for them mid-workout, but also her general demeanor during classes and workouts.  She cheers for others, claps, says “you got it” to those around her- and genuinely shows support for everyone in the gym.  Her smile and positive energy are contagious, and make CrossFit Hyannis a better place to be.

In addition to bringing her great attitude to the gym, Abby also brings her A-game.  She works incredibly hard and never backs down from a challenge.  She battles to chip away at gymnastics movements, and stares heavy weights down and shows them who’s boss (she is).  She doesn’t get thrown off by what people around her are doing- she knows that we’re all on our own journey and she just attacks her workout every day.

Abby shows up every day ready to do her best- knowing that all those little gains add up over time.  If you’ve ever been in a class with Abby she’s probably cheered you on when you felt like you couldn’t keep going- and for that, and a million other reasons, we’re so lucky to have Abby at CrossFit Hyannis.  Thanks Abby!

Abby and Ron Murph

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