CFHY May Athlete of the Month: Rebekah Stallings

The CrossFit Hyannis Athlete of the Month for May is Rebekah Stallings.   Although she is one of our newer members she has immediately become one of the most committed and hardest workers that we have.  In addition to going to school and working long hours each week she has made it a priority to not only get to the gym every day but also to regularly run.

When Rebekah came to us she was already well into her fitness and weight loss journey, and through her dedication and commitment she is seeing amazing continued progress.  She is a huge motivator to those around her- cheering for everyone each day and encouraging them to join her in various “fun” cash outs.  She also regularly invites others to join her on her trail runs.

Rebekah hits every workout hard, stays to do additional work on her weaknesses, and is a regular at open gym on the weekends.  Although the workout Murph can be daunting for even the most experienced CrossFitter, Rebekah tackled this workout fearlessly and with a plan.  Instead of looking at the description of the workout and saying she couldn’t do it, she decided to come in the weekend before to do a practice run through of it.  Fear can only stop you from reaching your goals if you let it, and Rebekah has fearlessly proven that she will not be stopped.

Rebekah takes coaching well, and has committed to becoming a better mover- even if sometimes that means backing off on weights.  Building this solid foundation means that she both understands and values the process of bettering yourself every day.  It is not about showing up once or twice and going through the motions- it is about committing each day to virtuosity in your movement and commitment to long-term goals.  Rebekah is a great example to all of us about the importance of setting goals, going all in, and approaching each day with an unrelenting drive to improve.

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