CFHY May Athlete of the Month: Steve Kowalczyk

The CrossFit Hyannis Athlete of the Month for May is Steve Kowalczyk.  Steve is an absolute beast in the gym, and he brings intensity and a positive attitude with him to CrossFit Hyannis every day.  As a coach one of the most impressive things to see is an athlete who shows up every day ready to work and give their full effort- and this is what Steve does every time he’s in the gym.

Steve is from South Hampton but has found himself on the Cape for the last several months due to his work schedule.  Many people would use the hassle of going back and forth and not always having a set routine as an excuse to get out of going to the gym and getting off track, but one of the first things Steve did when he got to the Cape was find CrossFit Hyannis so his training and progress wouldn’t be put on hold.  Steve typically attends the 5:30am class, but if his schedule doesn’t allow for it he will make sure he attends an evening class.

If you’ve ever seen Steve train you know that he leaves nothing in the tank and brings his full effort in every workout.  He pushes himself to the best of his ability, while supporting and encouraging those around him.  Since beginning working out at CrossFit Hyannis his strength numbers have continued to climb and he recently did his first pull ups in a workout.

He is committed to the overall process of bettering himself- whether it be working with a professional coach to help him excel in his job, committing to the paleo diet for his overall health and wellness, or showing up at the gym everyday ready to attack the workout.  In addition to his work and love of CrossFit, he hunts, fishes, and has three kids ages 7, 10, and 13.  He’s a busy man who understands that in order to take care of those around him and be better professionally he needs to put in the time and energy to take care of himself.

It’s been great having Steve at the gym for the last several months, and I can’t wait to see his continued progress.  He brings a great energy to the gym and we’re lucky to have him on board!


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