CFHY May Athlete of the Month

The CrossFit Hyannis May Athlete of the Month is Paul Brazil!  Paul is a great example of how consistency and sticking to the plan can lead to great results- increased strength, cardio, and overall health.  Paul has been showing up to the gym consistently, and this has led to huge progress for him.

Paul took on the Paleo Challenge, and committed himself to clean eating and no alcohol for thirty days.  He crushed his benchmark workouts for the paleo challenge, his strength numbers continue to creep up, and he recently graduated to unassisted pull-ups.  He shaved a huge chunk of time off of his Run to the Top time from last year.  And as the icing on the paleo cake, he lost almost 20 pounds and several inches off of his waist during the paleo challenge; these numbers require dedication- and Paul showed that this month.

In addition to coming to classes, Paul can also be seen putting in time after the WOD to do extra work.  Whether it be tackling some of the weekly challenges, working on his weaknesses, or trying to master a new skill Paul puts in the time and effort to be a better CrossFitter and healthier person.  Keep up the great work Paul!

Paul and TJ at Run to the Top

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