CFHY Notable Performances and Open Leader Boards after 15.1/15.1a

We saw lots of outstanding performances last week during Open workout 15.1/15.1a.  Everyone who competed should be proud of their efforts!  Each week a small prize will be awarded for the top overall performance in the workout and for the “CFHY Spirit of the Open.”  It’s great to post top scores, but we also want to celebrate those who pushed themselves and demonstrated heart during the workout.  Winners can claim their prizes at the gym, and everyone can check out the full male and female leader boards below!  Now on to 15.2!!!

This week’s winner are:
Top Performance in 15.1- Craig Machnik with a score of 155

Top Performance ins 15.1a

Female: Bridget Armstrong with a 187lb clean and jerk

Males: Jeremy Nichols and Tim Staniels with a 255lb clean and jerk

Spirit of the Open

Ed Egan!

Ed went to battle with 15.1 and 15.1a and showed a lot of heart and extreme effort.  Ed is a toes to bar ninja- making the reps of toes to bar look like no problem.  As one of our lighter athletes, a 115lb snatch was on the heavier side- but Ed didn’t back down and attacked each rep with full effort and attention.  He made it through nearly three rounds with a snatch weight that is nearing his 1 rep max- he didn’t make any excuses just tackled the workout with sense and passion.  Once the initial 9 minute triplet was up Ed attacked the one rep max clean and jerk like any body weight expert does- gun’s a blazing!  He hit 165, and nearly hit 175 just barely missing his jerk.  Ed pushed his limits on 15.1/15.1a and we’re extremely proud of his effort and results!

CrossFit Hyannis Men’s Leader Board after 15.1/15.1a

CrossFit Hyannis Women’s Leader Board after 15.1/15.1a

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