CFHY November Athlete of the Month: Laura Bilodeau

The CrossFit Hyannis November Athlete of the Month is Laura Bilodeau.  Laura is an absolute inspiration in what it means to consistently work towards being better every day, prioritizing her health, and approaching each day with a positive attitude.

Laura came to CrossFit Hyannis several years ago with the intent to get in better shape for her son’s wedding.  She did just that and has never looked back- continuing to see progress in her overall fitness and strength.  She is a regular at the 10:00am class, but isn’t afraid to get up early or throw down in the afternoon if that’s all her schedule allows.

Not only does Laura attend CrossFit classes regularly, it’s not uncommon for her to bike to the gym or do a self-imposed mile run cash out as a bonus at the end of class.  She puts her fitness to use, going on biking trips in foreign lands where she shows the rest of the group how it’s done!

No matter the situation (even if its wall balls or burpees), Laura always comes to the gym with a smile on her face and an encouraging attitude to those around her.  She isn’t afraid to appropriately push herself, and has been putting up some impressive lifts lately.  We are lucky to have Laura at the gym, and I’m excited to witness her continued progress!

Laura B Guns

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