CFHY November Athlete of the Month: Mary Hemeon

The CrossFit Hyannis Athlete of the Month for November is Mary Hemeon.  Mary joined us a few months ago after a brief hiatus from CrossFit- and immediately showed commitment and dedication to getting to the gym regularly. She is a tried and true 5:30amer, showing up in the dark ready to get to work.  Mary doesn’t waste any time when she gets to the gym at 5:20ish every morning- she immediately hops on a rower and then begins her warm up.  Time is our most valuable asset- and Mary doesn’t waste a second of the hour she spends at the gym in the morning.

Mary’s warmth and positivity are infectious, and she always introduces herself to people at the gym she doesn’t know and visitors- her smile welcoming all those who are in class with her.  Mary teaches high school, and I have no doubt her classroom is inclusive and her cheer helps her students learn and achieve what they are capable of.

Mary is more than just a woman with a positive attitude, however.  She is a badass.  A real life, strong, inspiring woman who shows up everyday before heading to work to commit to her health and training.  Mary is STRONG- we’re talking 200+ pound deadlift, 185lb back squat type of strong.  I’m pretty sure that my high math teacher couldn’t do that.  In fact it’s a good thing she’s so good at math- that’s a lot of weigh to add when she loads up the barbell like that!

Mary brings positivity, strength, dedication, and a smile to the gym every morning and we’re lucky to have her at CrossFit Hyannis.

Mary and Ainsley

Mary  Snatch

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