CFHY November Athlete of the Month: Sheila Morris

The CrossFit Hyannis Athlete of the Month for November is Sheila Morris.  If you know Sheila then you know that she is a rockstar, inspiration, and natural athlete.  Whether she be running a road race, participating in a crew event, running a Spartan Race or training hard at the gym- she actively lives her life with a  smile on her face.  Before I knew Sheila, I had the pleasure of knowing her children- who have all trained at CrossFit Hyannis over the course of the last several years.  In working with each of her children, Devan, Britt, and Dylan, I was always so impressed with not only their athletic prowess and hard work but more so for their kindness, maturity, and genuineness.  I met each of the Morris children when they were teenagers, and yet each of them displayed a maturity and sense of self beyond their years.  From meeting the wonderful Morris kids, I knew that they had been raised well.

Three years after the Morris girls walked into CrossFit Hyannis, their mother Sheila decided to take the plunge and try it out.  Once I met Sheila it became evident where her children had gotten their work ethic and athleticism.  Oftentimes people view CrossFit as intimidating, yet Sheila is not afraid of any challenge in the gym.  She has put in consistent time working on barbell movements to develop proficiency and work towards virtuosity, has taken Britt’s advice of “staying tight” on gymnastics movements, and has pushed herself on all workouts.  During a recent workout she banged out 40 double unders – obviously she is willing to put in work to reach her goals.  Recently another CFHY athlete inquired as to who the strong woman was who effortlessly kicked up into a handstand hold- it was Sheila!  Not long ago this was a skill that Sheila did not have, but once she decided she wanted the skill she determinedly worked until she could do it.

A big part of being successful and sticking with CrossFit is acknowledging that you will not be able to perform every skill, lift the heaviest weight, or have the fastest times right away.  One must commit to the process and understand that it takes hard work and delayed gratification in order to be successful.  There is a buy in to CrossFit.  It differs from some other forms of exercise, like the elliptical or stationary bike, in that there is a learning curve- it takes patience and practice before you begin to master movements.  As adults, sometimes we don’t like to learn or expose ourselves to new things- it can be scary, overwhelming, and even discouraging if we let it be.  But Sheila has dove into CrossFit with the zeal of a child- excited to face new challenges and never shying away from the work required to become better.  She tracks her workouts so she can be aware of her progress, and moves steadily in the right direction.

As a community at CrossFit Hyannis we range in ages, abilities, and backgrounds.  We have different jobs, come from different places, and have varying views on the world.  One of the most wonderful aspects of coaching such a diverse group of people is the opportunity to learn and grow from witnessing the way that our members carry themselves and live their lives.  As I continue to get to know Sheila and see the way she lives her life, I feel lucky to have such a wonderful example of a strong, able-bodied, confident woman.  We are lucky to have her as a member of CrossFit Hyannis and as a positive example to all of our members.

Sheila Spartan

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