CFHY November Athlete of the Month

November Athlete of the Month- Gary Kuchinsky!!!!

I am pleased to announce that Gary Kuchinsky is the CrossFit Hyannis November Athlete of the Month.  In Gary’s own words (via Twitter of course):  “I have drank the Electric Kool Aid from the goblet at my Box. I am comfortable enough to rename it CrossFit Crunck Juice “CFCJ” WHOOOWHATTT!”  Gary’s love of CrossFit, and his ever-growing love and commitment to the CrossFit community, are reasons enough for him to be Athlete of the Month, but the true reason is Gary’s quest for virtuosity.

Virtuosity is “doing the common uncommonly well.”  Gary has committed to perfecting his form in every movement.  He hits depth every rep on his squats, executes push-ups to perfection, and strives to make every movement a masterpiece.  Too often we fly by the basics, obsessed with those two little letters next to our time (RX) that we lose sight of what’s truly important- virtuosity, becoming better athletes and versions of ourselves, and embracing the community.  Gary sees that, even through his flowing locks.  Gary has committed to living the CrossFit lifestyle by dialing in his diet, training hard and smart, and by having a positive, welcoming attitude.  He is a strong and priceless member of the CrossFit Hyannis community and I feel blessed to have him here!  Keep drinkin’ that CrossFit Crunk Juice Gary!!!

Sippin’ on the CrossFit Crunk Juice


Gary: Fighting for Virtuosity

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