CFHY October Athlete of the Month: Ainsley!

The CrossFit Hyannis October Athlete of the Month is Ainsley Nickerson!  Ainsley has been training consistently and really upped her game in the last several months.  She has not only committed to attending regular classes, but has also regularly been hitting the gym twice a day.  She has been following The Pursuit supplemental work, working on mobility, goats, and overall strength.  All of this hard, smart work has been paying off!

Ainsley’s strength numbers are consistently going up, as she systematically puts in the time and effort.  She prioritizes form, and isn’t afraid to push herself daily.  Ainsley has been working on handstand push-ups since the start of the LuRong challenge, and recently did her first prescribed reps!

Ainsley also participated in the Camp Games, placing first in the women’s scaled division and showing her competitive drive.  She pushed hard all weekend, laying it on the line.

It is great to see such a strong, motivated young woman become even stronger, more motivated, and empowered.  We are lucky to have Ainsley at CrossFit Hyannis as an inspiration to us all.  Ainsley has come a long way, but without a doubt the best is yet to come!


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