CFHY October Athlete of the Month: Cristina

The CrossFit Hyannis Athlete of the Month for October is Cristina Meirelles.  Cristina is one of our original members and has been an important part of our community over the last five years.  From the very beginning she has been present at all of our events, fundraisers, parties, competitions, and everything in between.  Over the years she has been a regular at both the morning and evening classes, and has even made her way in midday on occasion.

As a community member, Cristina has done more for our community than most people probably realize.  From helping at parties and events to helping clean up the gym to the hundreds of small, kind gestures over the last five years she has helped to make CrossFit Hyannis a better place.  She is always there to help with anything we need as a community and is welcoming to all current and new members as they start their journey at CFHY.

Beyond her important role as part of our community, she has also recently upped her game as an athlete.  She has been at CrossFit Hyannis from the very beginning, and has worked hard over those years in her daily training at the gym.  It’s impressive to maintain a commitment to working out over years and years, yet Cristina has continued to show up and do just that.  She recently dialed in her diet and has seen tremendous gains in the gym.  She is getting stronger by the day, and has been PR’ing all of her lifts recently.

After nearly five years of CrossFit, Cristina is still making amazing progress, becoming healthier, and getting stronger.  We are so grateful to have Cristina as part of the CrosFit Hyannis family and for her continued support of the gym.

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