CFHY September Athlete of the Month: Dina Lyons

The CrossFit Hyannis September Athlete of the Month is Dina Lyons.  Dina has made a return to CrossFit after a brief hiatus, and has come back better than ever.  Dina is a consistently hard worker who shows up ready to work out with a smile on her face each day.  She is one of the most positive, supportive members of our community and is always willing to assist those around her.

Dina is a great example of a busy mom and businesswoman who makes time to care of herself and her fitness.  She comes to the gym at 5:30am before the chaos of the day and finds time to do it all- take care of her two boys, be a great wife, be successful in her job and still have time to take care of herself and her needs.

Dina does not do CrossFit in order to go the CrossFit Games or even to compete in local competitions, but rather to be the healthiest and best version of herself.  She scales and modifies workouts so they are appropriate for her, and is mindful of her current limitations while still pushing herself and expanding her capacity each day.

Dina also isn’t afraid to go out of her comfort zone.  She recently ran in the Falmouth Road Race, prepping with both training at CrossFit Hyannis and getting in her training runs.  It’s not easy to manage a training schedule with all of the other aspects going on in life, and sometimes it’s easier to just make excuses to not sign up for things outside of your comfort zone or back out when obstacles pop up along the way- but Dina didn’t make any excuses and successfully ran the Falmouth Road Race while managing all other aspects of her life.

We’re so lucky to have Dina at CrossFit Hyannis and are proud of all of her hard work!

Dina Falmouth

Dina Camp Games

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