CFHY September Athlete of the Month: Tim Staniels

CFHY September Athlete of the Month: Tim Staniels

It was evident from the time “Tiny Tim” Staniels walked into the gym that he meant business.  As a former athlete Tim has a competitive and driven side that was present from his first days at CrossFit Hyannis.  He came in to prepare for a Tough Mudder, but has taken his drive and athletic prowess and turned himself in to a promising CrossFitter.  He recently competed in The Camp Games, where he did an amazing job and pushed himself to new limits.

Each week Tim continues to get stronger and healthier.  He has recently committed to dialing in his diet as well, and has lost over 40 pounds since joining CrossFit last spring.  He attacks the weights, but has also shown vast improvement in gymnastics movements such as pull-ups and T2B- which he regularly practices on “The Tim Bar.”  In a recent discussion among CFHY coaches, we all mentioned how impressed we were with Tim’s dedication to bettering himself and those around him.

Tim, however, is not the only CrossFitter in the family.  His daughter Maddie has followed in his footsteps and can be found throwing down on Saturday mornings as part of the kid’s class.  In addition to being a powerhouse in the gym, Tim acts as a great father and role model to his daughter about the importance of living a healthy and active lifestyle.  It is evident in their interactions with each other that Maddie looks up to her father… both literally and figuratively.

It has been a joy to see Tim’s improvements over the last several months, and it’s exciting to think about the progress that he will continue to make.

Maddie watching her dad throw down!

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