Challenge Accepted.


Part One

30 Squat Clean and Jerks (155/105)

10 Minute Time Cap.  These may be squat clean thrusters.

Part Two

“You Pick the Challenge”


Upon completion of the WOD pick at least three challenges to complete from the list below or create your own. You may do as many as you would like. You may also call out fellow CFHY members in your class (or other classes throughout the day) and challenge them if you would like. I will have a section on the board for “call outs.” Feel free to challenge others via our Facebook page as well…


Some important rules:

1. If you call someone out on a challenge you must also complete the challenge.

2. Any challenges deemed unsafe or too “excessive” may be vetoed by the coach (i.e.- You may NOT challenge someone to a PVC pipe fight to the death).

3. You do not need to accept a challenge given to you… but you do have to live with the consequences of turning it down.

4. Once you accept/begin a challenge you must complete it.


Some Challenge Ideas:

  • · Max Box Jumps in 2 minutes
  • · Max Pull Ups in 3 Minutes
  • · Max Unbroken pullups
  • · Max squats in 60 seconds
  • · Max Farmer’s Carry
  • · 20 Tire Flips for time
  • · Max double unders in 2 minutes
  • · 2K Row
  • · Max Burpees in 7 minutes
  • · Max unbroken wallballs
  • · Max broad jump
  • · Max rope climbs in 3 minutes
  • · Handstand walk for distance
  • · Max broad jump


Or anything else fun and safe you can think of





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