Coaching in the Positive, Thinking in the Positive, Living in the Positive

Coaching in the Positive, Thinking in the Positive, Living in the Positive:

Some simple mind hacks to immediately improve performance and quality of life

Your mind is an incredibly powerful thing- and only you can control it.  It may sound cliché- but what you think you become.  It is your responsibility to put yourself in a positive state ready to succeed, and what you think plays a critical role in that.

Let’s look at some simple “mind hacks” that can immediately improve your performance and ultimately quality of life:

  1. Coach Yourself (and Others) in the Positive

Both when I coach others and when I train/compete I always try to coach in the positive.  What does that mean?  I say “keep going” instead of “don’t stop.”  I say “always keep a flat back” instead of “don’t round your back.”  I say “stay up there” instead of “don’t get down.”

Sure, the desired action I’m looking for is the same in each of these instances- but the thought process that it elicits in a person is different.  When most people here “DON’T STOP” they hear “STOP” (and often act accordingly), whereas when they hear “KEEP GOING”- you guessed it, they keep going.

Next time you find yourself in a workout or a difficult situation, coach yourself in the positive.  Let the soundtrack you play inside your head urge you to keep moving, stay strong, and remind yourself that you are in control.

  1. Think in the Positive

It is normal to have thoughts of self doubt, fear, and anxiety.  It is how you respond to these thoughts that often dictates the end result.  Next time you have a thought that brings about feelings of anxiety or doubt, immediately and actively replace that thought with a more positive one.

For example, if you are at a competition and think “I can’t do this- everyone else is bigger or stronger than me, I’m not ready” immediately replace that thought with something more positive like “I got this, I’m strong, I’m confident, I’m prepared and ready.”

Again, the key is not that you don’t have those thoughts of doubt, fear, and anxiety- but when they do creep into your mind you immediately take control and action by replacing them with more positive thoughts.  Remember- what you think, you become.

I am big believer in mantras- short, positive phrases that you repeat over and over again in your mind.  For example, a couple of my favorites to use while running are “lean and drive, lean and drive” and “strong and confident, I love running.”  I repeat these over and over again in my head to drown out and replace the other thoughts that would normally be in my head while running such as “oh my God this is horrible, I hate this, I might die right now, I’m going so slow, just stop, is that a cramp, you’re so slow this is embarrassing tubby, just give up.”  Clearly the mantra is a more helpful mind space to be in.

When you hear those voices of doubt come into your mind immediately replace them with something more positive.  You control what you think, and you have the power to deny access to those negative voices.

  1. Live in the Positive

I recently read that people who have positive thoughts about growing older live on average 7.5 years longer than those who think negatively about it.*  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  The role of having a positive attitude and approach to life (and aging) cannot be understated- it can literally add years to your life.  The role of the mind is powerful beyond measure.

To me, it’s not just wanting to live longer- it’s about wanting to enjoy each moment as it passes.  Sometimes people get caught up in only seeing the negative, when the reality is that there is so much positive going on all around us.  I believe that by and large people are doing their best- look for the best in every situation and interaction and you are likely to find it.

Seek out and appreciate the beauty around you, enjoy the company of the people you come in contact with, and learn from the experiences you have.  Assuming your base level needs are fulfilled, why dwell on negativity and live in a state of fear, anxiety, and doubt?

It would be naive to say that there aren’t problems in the world and in our lives.  But many of us dwell on and obsess over small things, when in reality we can create a more positive outlook by taking control of our own thoughts and what we focus our energy on.

Choose to coach, think, and live in the positive and you may be pleasantly surprised with the results.

*Source: Success Magazine/


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