CrossFit Hyannis Powered by CapeFit Programming

We are CrossFit Hyannis Powered by CapeFit Programming

Looking for the workout?

It can be found on Instagram at @cape_fit and is posted the evening before.

CrossFit Hyannis members can also find it on Wodify- it is posted the evening before at 7:45pm.

CFHY Members also have access to additional accessory work via their Wodify accounts which is posted on Sunday for the following week- so if you’re looking for it during the week use the calendar to go back to the Sunday WOD then click on the program you are looking for, and get to work.  You can check out this video to show you how to access the accessory work:  How To Access Additional Programming on Wodify).

You will find one additional accessory workout in each of the following categories:

  • CapeFit Go To Endurance
  • CapeFit Pump Sesh
  • CapeFit Skill Work/Practice
  • CapeFit Oly
  • CapeFit Core
  • CapeFit Open Gym- This is a bonus workout for the week. Again, not mandatory, but in response to the many times we get asked during open gym “what should I do?”  This workout will often also include higher skilled gymnastics that we typically do less frequently throughout the week (HSW, muscle ups, etc.).  You don’t have to do this when you come to open gym, it’s just available if you’d like to do it.

We are proudly CrossFit Hyannis the gym- established in 2011 and serving our local community and visitors from around the world since then.  We pride ourselves on having a friendly and welcoming environment, professional coaches, an amazing community, a great facility and equipment, and well thought out, effective programming.

CapeFit programming is a way of helping us to spread what we do within the walls of our gym to more people, and over time we will continue to develop more programs to help people from around the world to get stronger, fitter, healthier and have fun while doing it.

If you’ve been following CrossFit Hyannis programming for awhile- you’ll see it’s what we’ve always done (and always striving to be better).   We’ve just give it a specific name to claim it as our own and share it with more people.

Since Day 1 we’ve programmed every day for CrossFit Hyannis- that’s eight and a half years/442 weeks- so somewhere over 2,210 days of programming… That’s a lot of workouts.  So although CapeFit was established in 2020- we’ve really been doing this a long time.

We use the CrossFit methodology along with a background in traditional strength and conditioning as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, a never-ending learning and research of best practices, and years spending every day at the gym coaching our members and refining what works best.  We love programming and spend hours each week making sure it’s just right, effective, and fun.  We have always programmed CrossFit Hyannis, and now CapeFit, to focus on GPP (general physical preparedness)- essentially we want our members and people following our programming to be stronger, fitter, healthier, and more confident.

We have big plans going forward on spreading CapeFit programming beyond our walls at CFHY and offering more speciality programs for both our members and people who can’t get to CFHY.  We’re really excited about this as it’s a great opportunity to share what we do with more people- and honestly it’s long overdue.

We’re excited to keep spreading and building upon what we’re passionate about and grateful you’re part of the journey.

So follow us at @cape_fit on Instagram and check out and get to work!


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