CrossFit Team Series!

This year for the first time CrossFit is having a “CrossFit Team Series” in a similar format to the CrossFit Open.  Teams will consist of two men and two women, and there is an RX and Scaled division.  We would like to have as many teams from CrossFit Hyannis participate as possible-  it’s sure to be a good time and way to push yourself and have some fun in a team format.  Like the Open, all workouts will be done right here at CrossFit Hyannis.  Full details, including dates, are below- also, check out the video for more info.

For those interested in being on a team, let Katie know and she will help facilitate putting together teams of four.  (You can of course put together your own team, but if you’d like to participate and don’t have a team yet let Katie know!)

More info on the CrossFit Team Series:

Workouts for the Team Series will be released on August 28, September 18 and October 9. After each release, teams will have four days to complete the workouts and submit their scores. Each team will be made up of two men and two women who complete the workouts together.

Unlike in the Open, teammates will not do the workouts individually and then combine their scores afterwards. Instead, when the clock starts, each of the four teammates will be required to perform their portion of the work alongside the others.

The 2014 Team Series will also feature a scaled division, another first. The Scaled Division is ideal for athletes competing for the first time, or for any regular crew that wants to see where they stack up. Teams can wait until the release of the first set of workouts on August 28 decide which division they want to compete in.

Registration costs $100 for all divisions.

To begin, choose one teammate who will register the entire team. This team manager will go to, sign in using her CrossFit ID and pay the registration fee. After the team manager has established the team, she will be prompted to send email invitations to the three other teammates.

The four teammates will complete the team’s registration by responding to the email invites.

Learn more by reading the Team Series Rulebook.

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