CrossFitters favorite lady…





Thrusters (95/65)

Pull Ups

12 Minute Time Cap


Once everyone has completed Fran the remainder of the class will be used for skill/goat work.  Each athlete will choose 2-3 movements they would like to work on and we will put them into a 7 minute AMRAP.  This is the perfect time to work those double unders, handstand pushups, muscle ups, or any other movement you’d like to spend a little additional time on!


If you’ve never met Fran, you’re in for a treat.  If you’ve had the pleasure of meeting her, be ready to meet her again and show her how much stronger you’ve gotten since your last meeting.  Fran is one of the benchmark workouts of the CrossFit community; ask any CrossFitter their Fran time and they will more than likely be able to tell you… along with a play by play of how they broke up their reps, ripped their hands, laid on the floor for 20 minutes after, etc.  As opposed to Tuesday’s workout that was long and required a methodical approach, Fran is a sprint.  You start, you try to stay on the bar, to fly through pullups, to go a hundred miles an hour. Then before you know it you’re done, reveling in your sweet, sweet victory over Fran.


Rich Froning, 2012 CrossFit Games Champ completing Fran during the last event of this year’s CrossFit Games:

But perhaps more impressive, the Wounded Warriors heat of Fran at this year’s CrossFit Games:

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