December Athlete of the Month, Claudia Robinson

The CFHY December Athlete of the Month is Claudia Robinson.  Claudia joined us several months ago, and has been a dedicated CrossFitter from the very beginning.  Each day she comes to the gym with a smile on her face ready to tackle the workout, even if it has those burpees she dreads in it.  Throughout the last several months she has continued to both get stronger and have increased work capacity.  Impressively she recently hit 240 pounds on her deadlift- pretty amazing!

Claudia pushes herself each day she’s in the gym, and isn’t afraid to lay her heart on the line.  As CrossFitters, we know that what we do in the gym goes beyond the physical.  Claudia does a great job understanding and expressing this, recognizing that the strength we gain through CrossFit comes with us when we leave the gym.

In a recent Facebook post she said, “You know, admitting that you’re not great at something isn’t admitting defeat, it’s admitting to a need for improvement. Sucking at something isn’t eternal, unless YOU allow it to be so. Instead of seeing it as failure, check your ego at the door, and relabel it, call it a challenge, set a goal, toss yourself the gauntlet.”  This “determined to excel” attitude along with her commitment and dedication in getting to the gym and pushing her limits while she’s there is one of the many things that makes Claudia such a strong and empowered woman.

Claudia is just beginning her CrossFit journey, and it’s exciting to think about how much she will continue to improve through her efforts.  CrossFit Hyannis is lucky to have such a strong, beautiful woman with us each day training and inspiring us!

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