December Athlete of the Month- Sandy!

December Athlete of the Month- Sandy Rubenstein!!!

The CrossFit Hyannis December Athlete of the Month is Sandy Rubenstein!  Sandy is a loyal and devoted member of the 5:30am class, literally never missing a day.  In fact, since we have started using SocialWOD Sandy has attended more classes than any other CrossFit Hyannis member.  When people begin at CFHY one of the things I say to them is “Just show up- if you show up and work hard, you will see results.”   Sandy is living proof of this.  Her consistency, paired with her hard work while at the gym, have helped her to see great progress in her health and as a CrossFitter.  She participated in the LuRong Living Paleo Challenge- which she crushed.  On her benchmark workouts she shaved nearly TEN MINUTES OFF!  That’s amazing, as is Sandy.  In addition to being a loyal CrossFitter, Sandy also does Bikram Yoga everyday.  You read that correctly- Sandy does CrossFit and also does yoga for 90 minutes in 105 degrees EVERY DAY.  She’s not crazy at all.

Outside of the gym Sandy uses her superpowers as a mother and a businesswoman- running two business (PureHeat and Camp Wingate Kirkland).  In the explanation of Camp Wingate Kirland it says it is “a place where campers feel supported and empowered” and “belong to a community that fosters respect for everybody, regardless of their differences.”  I am inspired by that mission statement, and grateful Sandy has brought that sentiment to CrossFit Hyannis by living it out everyday within our gym.

I’m pretty sure that is Paleo Cotton Candy…

Sandy leading the youth of America.

*I apologize for the lack of CrossFit pictures…it’s hard to get photographers at 5:30am.

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