Don’t Wish It Away

Don’t Wish It Away

It was a long winter on Cape Cod.  It seemed that right when the snow would start to melt, another storm was approaching and there we were again bundling up and shoveling out our driveways.  As kids rejoiced over more snow days, parents quickly were running out of things for their children to do.  We longed to be outside running and working out, but instead for most of us our outdoor exercise consisted of shoveling and trying to not slip down the driveway.

I can’t tell you how many times I heard the phrase “I can’t wait for summer.”  Even those who made an effort to enjoy the cold months as they passed got a little stir crazy there towards the end.  But we made it.  May is here, and another Cape Cod summer is on the horizon.

Over the winter, despite my best effort to not wish those months away, I still longed for the wonder that is a Cape Cod summer- days spent at the beach with friends, sitting on Main Street with a margarita after work, going for runs outside, and those long gorgeous days.  I love training in the gym, but being able to get outside and put our fitness to the test on a gorgeous Cape Cod day is uniquely appealing.  Now that the spring and summer are upon us, we need to truly enjoy them- after all, if anything the long winter hopefully lead us to appreciate this time of year a little more!  We had what seemed like an endless winter to envision this weather- now that it is here let’s enjoy it!

But even with the nicer weather we all know those people, and likely are often culprits ourselves, who on Monday through Thursday can be found saying “I wish it was Friday!”  But do you really want to be wishing for the weekend four days out of seven?  Seek to find enjoyment and be more appreciative every day.  Each day is a gift and an opportunity.  An opportunity to build relationships, experience life’s small moments of wonder, and to become a better version of yourself.

Each year on the last Monday in May we celebrate Memorial Day, a day in which we are called to remember and honor those who have died serving our country.  We recognize and remember their sacrifice, and in our personal ways express our gratitude and prayers for them and their families.

Although in many ways this day is a day that can elicit sadness, we can also use this day as a time to rekindle in ourselves a commitment to appreciate our own lives and gifts.  As we remember those who have died so that we may live in freedom, we should be reminded that one way we can honor them is by being appreciative of the gift of life and by taking care of our bodies.  Live a life of passion and selflessness.  Move, sweat, play and enjoy the gift of human movement and ability.  Each day when you wake up realize that although there may be ups and downs ultimately the days are meant to be cherished and lived with passion and vigor.

Don’t wish away Mondays- don’t wait until Friday afternoon to enjoy your life.  Wake up each morning and cherish the day- create a life worth living and live it up.

(Coach Katie’s article for the May issue of Hyannis-Centerville Life Magazine)


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