Everyone’s Favorite!!!


Choose a skill that you have been trying to master and work on it for ten minutes.  We will do the skill in an “on the minute” format.  The number of reps you do each minute will be dependent on the skill you choose and your competency with the movement.  For example, you may do 5 pullups on the minute for ten minutes, 20 double unders on the minute for ten minutes, etc.  A coach will assist you in choosing an appropriate number of reps prior to beginning the ten minutes.


5 Rounds

15 Thrusters (95/65)

15 Bar Facing Burpees



Please remember to turn in your final points sheet and food logs TODAY- don’t forget to indicate on the sheet if you reached your month long goal!  We will do final weigh ins BEFORE the WOD.  If you have not done the 1000m row, 1RM deadlift, or Helen please see Katie about finding a time to complete it!  Everything must be turned in by noon on Sunday, and we will tabulate the results as soon as possible.  GREAT JOB EVERYONE!

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