February Athlete of the Month: Mark Bonavita

The CrossFit Hyannis Athlete of the Month for February is Mark Bonavita. Mark is a chef and a guidance counselor, and has a lot of experience coaching baseball- and he understands what it takes to pursue excellence. Mark is a regular at the 5:30am class- and has remained committed despite the freezing temperatures and incessant snow. When the winds are howling, the snow is falling, it’s pitch dark and freezing it can be challenging to will yourself out of your nice warm, cozy bed. Mark also stayed dedicated to regular gym attendance even while home in western Mass over February break. It would have been easy to use the weeklong vacation as an excuse to not go to the gym- but Mark sought out a gym while home.

Not only has Mark been steadfast in hitting the gym, he also took on the Lurong Living Resolution Challenge and entered the CrossFit Open. Both of these things could seem daunting to a newer CrossFitter like Mark, but he has shown that he isn’t afraid to put himself out there and try new things in order to become the best version of himself. Mark did great in the Resolution Challenge, undertaking the process of creating better eating habits and viewing food as fuel. As the Open begins, it’s clear that Mark is putting his best foot forward and will push himself each week. Mark is naturally strong, but is devoted to learning proper form and mechanics- never letting his ego get in the way. Undoubtedly the groundwork he is laying now will pay dividends in the future and we will continue to see great numbers being put up by him.

Mark is a great example of a man who decided he needed a change in his life and committed full boar to the process. He understands that the work he puts in on a daily basis adds up- and oftentimes it’s the little decisions made day in and day out that lead to the greatest change. We are lucky to have Mark at CrossFit Hyannis, and I am excited to see his continued progress.

Mark slaying his portion of the Partner 7K Row

Mark slaying his portion of the Partner 7K Row

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