February Athlete of the Month: Marybeth Winslow

The CrossFit Hyannis February Athlete of the Month is Marybeth Winslow.  From the time that Marybeth joined us a few months ago she has rarely missed a day, and also often attends open gym to work on her skills and continue to better herself.  Marybeth joined CrossFit Hyannis and joined the paleo challenge on the same day.  She dove right in, and fully committed to both training and fueling her body properly.  She went on to win the winter paleo challenge, and has continued to eat well and train hard.


Almost everyday after the WOD Marybeth can be found doing some sort of self-inflicted cash out- situps, burpees or some other madness.  Her hard work and dedication are contagious, and it’s amazing to see the progress she has made in such a short time with us.  She is always encouraging those around her to do different challenges and push themselves.


Marybeth isn’t afraid to try new things, or attack weaknesses in our goat training sessions.   Her ability to tackle those things which she does not like has led her to see some great successes- such as improvement on double unders, box jumps, push ups and pull ups.  She signed up for the Open, and did great on 14.1  In a conversation with Marybeth she said that in CrossFit she believes she has found “what works for her” and we couldn’t be happier that she did.


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