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Friday, October 27, 2017

Skill Work

Goat Work
EMOM 12:

Choose two movements that you would like to work on.

-Odd minutes: Movement 1

-Even minutes: Movement 2

*Reps dependent on movement
*Goal is quality not quantity


“Ninja Warrior”

In 4 minutes, complete:
3 Rounds
10 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
5 Front Squats (155/105)
Then in remaining time, AMRAP:
5 Bar Muscle Ups
5 Front Squats (155/105)

Rest Two Minute:

“Second Wind”

In 4 Minutes:
125 Double Unders
10 Shoulder to Overhead (155/105)
Then AMRAP Toes to Bar

Spealler beat weaknesses

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