Thrusters (95/65)

Pull Ups

The remainder of the hour will be used for skill development.  Choose one to two skills you would like to work on and come prepared to get a little better at them. Commit to getting better everyday.


SHE’S BAAAAAACK!  The infamous Fran is returning to CrossFit Hyannis tomorrow.  As most of you know, Fran is one of the CrossFit communities favorite/most dreaded/awesomest workouts.  It’s a great couplet of a push and pull that is meant to be done hard and fast.  We did Fran on January 30th- exactly three months ago, so this should be a great way to test your improvement if you did the WOD on that day (I have your times if you’re not sure).  If you haven’t met Fran yet, you’re going to love her.

Also a huge congrats to all those who ran a 5K time trial today.  Now that we have a baseline number we can chart our improvement over the next several months.  Anyone who would like to do a 5K time trial, let me know and we can always set up a time for another!  We spoke today about signing up for a few 5K’s together, so be listening for more information on that.  Check out the Endurance section for this week’s Endurance WODs if you want a challenge.  Remember- make sure you are getting enough rest and are not overtraining.  There’s a fine line between pushing it and just being silly.  Don’t be silly, be awesome.

5K Time Trial

You have to know where you are to figure out where you’re going…

Rich- 21:20

Pete- 26:05

Bridget- 27:10

Katie- 27:26

Michelle- 28:18

Robin- 28:33

Carolyn- 29:58

Lynn- 31:15

Kaitlyn- 23:20/10 Laps

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