Friday, December 30th


Back Squat





Box Jumps

Toes to Bar


For those of you who are new to CrossFit and want to learn more about it, take some time to check out I’m always happy to answer any of your questions about movements, WODs, nutrition, etc. but the breadth of information on (or as CrossFitters often refer to it “the Main Site”) is incredible. They post new information, WODs, pictures, articles and videos daily. There are also videos and explanations of countless movements and descriptions of the “Girl” and “Hero” WODs (we’ll get more into this later!). If you really want to get crazy, think about spending the $25 yearly subscription for the CrossFit Journal. There are hundreds of videos about CrossFit athletes (both Games athletes and 80 year old grandma CrossFitters), nutrition, the CrossFit community, and all other things CrossFit related- and they post several new articles and/or videos a day.


If all of this seems overwhelming… just show up to CrossFit Hyannis and we’ll teach you as you go!

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