Get Out There and PLAY

WHAT BEAUTIFUL WEATHER!  The time of year has arrived when we can open the garage door and begin to enjoy the sun!  It was great seeing people bring their barbells outside yesterday and THROW DOWN. Check out this article written by Katie for Hyannis Life magazine’s May issue (CFHY Hyannis Life May Article) about enjoying the weather and taking our fitness to the world…

It’s hard to believe that the warm weather we’ve been anticipating for so long is finally here.  After months of being cooped up indoors, the sun and beauty of our amazing Cape Cod landscape beckons us outside to enjoy our tiny little corner of heaven.  In a technological world that would allow us to run indoors on a treadmill while simultaneously watching TV and reading about the latest Hollywood gossip, the Cape Cod backdrop begs for us to get outdoors and bring our fitness to the world.  Whether it’s running, lifting, strongman, yoga, walking your dogs, or whatever else it is you do to stay fit and be active- this time of year can reinvigorate your passion to pursue excellence and become the healthiest and best version of yourself.

As the owner of CrossFit Hyannis I spend plenty of time inside the gym trying to better myself at my sport, but there’s something truly special about taking your pursuit of fitness into the world.  We are meant to move- to run, jump, lift, push, pull, and PLAY.  Ultimately your quest to being fit and healthy should be fun.  As adults we could take lessons from children who continually remind us that to do all of these things should elicit laughter, camaraderie, and yes, even a higher level of health and fitness.  Going to the gym and working out shouldn’t be something we grudgingly do each day and “check off our list.”  If it is- perhaps it’s time to reevaluate your fitness regime.

This summer, grab a friend and get out there!  Head out to the beach and put together a workout.  Sure, people may look at you a little odd when you and your buddies start squatting, doing pushups, sit-ups, and sprinting on the beach.  If they do- invite them to join you, the more the merrier!  And don’t forget the best part of a beach workout – when you’re done you can hop right into the ocean to cool off.  Or maybe one day head to the Trail of Tears with your bike and a buddy.  There are few worries in life that a little sweat, some muddy tires, and laughter with a friend can’t cure.  Or perhaps Zumba’s your thing- why not go dancin’ in the streets of Hyannis?  The world has been waiting to see your new moves.

Hopefully you have some sort of exercise that ignites a passion in you and leaves you eager to train each day.  For me that thing is CrossFit.  One of my favorite things to do when the weather is nice is to take my love of CrossFit outside of the gym.  You’ll regularly find CrossFit Hyannis members outside pushing and pulling sleds, flipping tires, and yielding barbells.  Yes, we could do it inside- but why not take advantage of the beautiful weather and get out there and train like athletes!  For me there’s nothing quite like being with a group of friends, pushing each other to be better than we thought possible- all the while enjoying the sunshine and summertime.

I hope that you find that thing that you love to do, whatever it is, and share that experience with those you care about.  The possibilities on Cape Cod are endless.  It’s all too easy to forget that our world is a playground- this summer, grab a friend and get out there and play.

It’s going to be a fun spring/summer around here…

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