Go all in- compete to live your best life.

At CrossFit Hyannis our members vary in age, ability, background and all have seemingly different goals.  But commonalities in all of our members include an inherent desire to better themselves, to relentlessly pursue excellence, and to never shy away from a challenge.  CrossFit allows us to set and work for goals, experience defeats and victories, and challenge ourselves physically and mentally.  It allows us to compete every day.  Some days this competition is with those around us, sometimes it’s with the workout or a movement on the board, and sometimes it’s with the demons we fight within ourselves.

But ultimately CrossFit allows us to compete each and every day to live our best life.  For each of us “our best life” may look different, but certainly this shared willingness to strive for excellence is leading us all closer to where we want to be and to a better version of ourselves. 

This isn’t merely in regards to physical accomplishments and achievements, although those are great and worthy things to be proud of.  The willingness to push ourselves in the gym, to go out of our comfort zone, to try things we’ve never tried before, to allow ourselves to fail but never get beaten down- all of these things enable to us to take these valuable lessons outside of the gym and into all facets of our lives.  We are bolstered and emboldened by a community of people, who although we may vary in age by decades and have vastly different life experiences, truly believe in each other and are together on this journey of achieving our best selves.


CrossFit asks us to be better and to dream bigger.   It asks us to go all in.  It’s a reminder that sometimes half the battle is showing up ready to work, that it’s ok to ask for help and to be lifted up by those around you when you feel weak and tired, and that surrounding yourself with people who never settle for the status quo allows you to inch closer to your potential.  It teaches us that it’s only through the struggle that we come out stronger, and that we are capable of more than we ever thought possible.

CrossFit allows us to truly believe that we can be better every day, if we are willing to put in the work.  So today and every day- go all in, compete to live your best life.

GOOD LUCK TO OUR MEMBERS COMPETING IN TOMORROW’S TEAM COMPETITION IN NEW BEDFORD: Lisa, Tara, Tim L., Jason, Gary, Jeremy, Eva, Marybeth, Ainsley, Claudia, Chris J., and Erik.  We are so proud of each of you for all of your efforts- good luck and have fun!!!!


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