12 Minute AMRAP

7 Burpees

14 Wall Balls

21 Double Unders


I hope everyone had a great weekend!  The topic of goals and goal setting has come up a lot recently and I’m excited that so many people are eager to set concrete goals, put them on paper, and do the work that needs to be done to reach them.  I know that for me ever since I really thought about what my goals were and put them on paper I have felt more liberated, focused, and driven than ever.  One of the great things about the CrossFit community is that you have a group of people who is here to help support you reach your goals, whatever they may be.  I have put together a little information and goal setting sheet for those who are interested in focusing their efforts in the gym.  We will look to have you set a week goal, month goal, 6 month goal, and year long goal and of course make a plan to help you achieve them.  There’s nothing wrong with just showing up to the gym, but when we really choose to harness our mind and focus our efforts on what we desire the possibilities are pretty exciting.  Always be thinking about what your goals are, and if you’re interested in setting goals for yourself at CrossFit Hyannis let me know!  I look forward to another great week of training at CFHY!

ALSO- you may have noticed on the website or at the gym information regarding our summer middle school and high school kids/teens strength and conditioning program.  We are SUPER excited about getting CrossFit Kids up and running at CrossFit Hyannis.  If you know any kids entering middle or high school in the fall PLEASE tell them about our summer programs (or if you know any coaches!!!). There are brochures and registration forms at the gym, and I’d appreciate you spreading the word if you can!  Just imagine if you had started CrossFit as a teen…

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