Five Week Nutrition, Fitness, Mindset/Lifestyle Challenge!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018


EMOM 12, alt:

Odd: 10 Alt. DBL KB Thruster (Keep one KB in front rack while other presses out)

Even: 15/12 Cal Row, OR 12/9 Cal Bike, OR 200m Run



Alt. DB Snatch (50/35)

Alt. Lunges

Sit Ups

PBED Challenge Fall 2018


Fall is here and it’s time to recommit to you- your health, nutrition, fitness, and living your best life.

We will be doing a five week challenge at CrossFit Hyannis to encourage you to establish goals, help you to create and execute positive habits daily to help you attain those goals, forge a growth mindset, and embrace the “1% Better Every Day” Mentality to help you work toward fulfilling your potential and living the life you desire.

Here’s the quick version- you’re going to choose personal fitness, nutrition, mindset/lifestyle goals to work on over the course of the five weeks.  Each week there will be mini challenges in the three following categories: nutrition, fitness, and mindset.  You will be awarded points based on those challenges and at the end the person with the most points wins.

People’s personal goals will vary.  Possible examples of nutrition goals include losing a certain amount of weight, gaining muscle, or drinking more water.  Fitness goals include things like getting a bar muscle up, linking double unders, squatting 5 pounds more, or setting a PR on a specific workout.  Mindset/lifestyle goals could be getting 8 hours of sleep, limiting your time on social media, eating dinner 5x a week with your family, or creating and using a personal mantra.  The possibilities are endless and depend on what you hope to achieve in the next five weeks.

There’s no limit to what your goal can be, and we’re going to support each other as we work EVERY DAY to get a little better and closer to what we’re aiming for.  We all have different goals and together we can hold each other accountable and help each other reach them.

Each week there will be mini challenges to help you reach your goal and accumulate points for the challenge.  You’ll be asked to learn, act, reflect, and support others.  The challenges will be posted at the gym and in a Facebook group.  All scores will be self-reported (honesty is assumed/expected).

Cost is $20.  At the end the person with the most points will take 50% of the overall pot (so the more people who do it the more money you could potentially win).  *Tiebreaker #1 is most log-ins to CrossFit Hyannis via Wodify over the five weeks.  Tiebreaker #2 will be 100 burpees for time- winner take all.

The pre-Challenge/Week 1 task is to fill out the Goal Setting Sheet- copies can be found at the gym  or downloaded here:

PBED Challenge Goal Setting Sheet Fall 2018


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