Happy New Year: 2015, Best YEAR Ever!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Open Gym today from 10:00-1:00!  Come in and start 2015 out right!


Happy New Year!  As we enter into 2015 it’s hard not to look back at all of the blessings and blunders that happened in the past year.  The craziness and joy of the holiday season has come and gone, and we look onward to the endless possibilities that this year can bring.  It’s a time not only for reflection, but also a time when many people make resolutions about what they will or will not do in the following year.  People’s New Year’s resolutions take on all shapes and forms- ranging anywhere from a renewed commitment to diet and exercise, keeping a tidier house, being more productive at work, being more attentive to relationships and everything in between.

It seems like everywhere you turn someone is resolving to give something up, do something more, or change something major.  This isn’t a bad thing, in fact quite the opposite.  This shared cultural desire we see this time of year to better ourselves, our lives, and those around us should be harnessed to do just that- make the world a better place!  Perhaps this seems overly simplistic, but I urge you to seriously consider what change, great or small, you can do to make your life and the lives of those around you better.  It doesn’t have to be big; even the smallest actions and behaviors can have a ripple effect.  Charles Duhigg in “The Power of Habit” speaks about how we each have “keystone habits.”  These are habits that when changed cause a ripple effect and change other habits that we have.  For example, research shows that exercise is one of these keystone habits- when one commits to exercising, they have a tendency to eat better, be more productive at work, show more patience, and feel less stress.

I encourage you to take a serious look at your life and see if you can identify one or two keystone habits that you can improve upon, which in turn will help to make your life as a whole better.  It’s amazing how oftentimes when we choose to enhance one part of our life we see positive and desirable benefits in other areas.

Once you’ve taken the time to identify these personal habits and resolutions, I propose that you try one more resolution.  Yes, that’s right, I am proposing a one-size fits all resolution for 2015:  Surround yourself with positive people, and be one of those positive people for others.  This seemingly simple resolution can change your life, and likely make keeping any other resolutions you make easier.  It’s amazing what a good support system can do not only in helping you achieve your goals, but also in making your life more satisfying as a whole.

When people around you believe in you and support your aspirations, everything seems to be more attainable.  Conversely, if you surround yourself with negative people it’s a lot harder to reach your goals and enjoy life’s daily blessings while they are trying to tear you down.  Relationships are what make life meaningful, fun, and ultimately worth living- fill your life with people who care about you and encourage you to be your best self.

The second part of this universal resolution is just as important, perhaps more so- be a positive person for others, enhancing the communities you are part of and the many lives that you touch.  Positivity is infectious, and there’s little doubt that by being a beacon of positivity for others it will be returned to you when you most need it.  It’s unrealistic to think that problems don’t happen and every day is perfect, but when we consistently seek the best in situations we begin to see more and more good around us.

As we go into this year approach it with a positive attitude, surround yourself with positive and life giving people, and become the best version of yourself.  Here’s to a great year!

(This was a message from last year that seemed worth revisiting!)

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