He was a chihuahua before he started CrossFit…

Thursday, September 14, 2017


Back Squat


w/ 43×1 tempo

*5-10 Strict Pullups between each set



12 DB Shoulder to Overhead (50/35)

40 Double Unders

Please don’t do this :)


It is our philosophy that whoever walks in the door at CrossFit Hyannis gets a clean slate- no matter where you’ve been or what you’ve been up to- you are welcome at CFHY and we are GLAD YOU ARE HERE RIGHT NOW!

You get a clean slate every time you walk in the door- an opportunity to show up and get after it.  Today is a new day- and it’s yours to reach toward your potential.

The floor, however, is not your slate to write on.  We provide boards for you to track your rounds- please use them.  THANKS GUYS.  Duke will be heavily enforcing this new policy, so watch out.


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