I Just Got Better.


Run 1 mile for time.
15 Clean and Jerk 1/2 body weight
15 Deadlift bodyweight

15 Clean and Jerk 1/2 body weight
15 Squat body weight
15 Clean and Jerk 1/2 body weight
Run 1 mile for time.


The athlete should have his/her bars ready to roll so they can come right in from the run and get after it.  The idea is to run the mile, come in guns a ‘blazin, lift your weight, and run out the door for your second mile.


Your score will have three components:  the time it takes you to run your first mile, the time it takes you to run your second mile, and the total time it took for you to complete the WOD.  It is the athlete’s responsibility to note their time for the first mile, and the time they leave for their second mile.  As with any WOD, this WOD will be able to be scaled for those athletes not yet comfortable with running two complete miles.


Please be prompt to class and be ready to get right into the warm up, then crush the WOD.


When I was at Holy Cross playing hockey I spent countless tough, sweaty hours in the Varsity Strength and Conditioning Weight Room working with my teammates to improve our game and get just a little stronger, faster, better.  One of the great traditions that we had there was to always tap the “I Just Got Better” sign over the door on the way out.  It was a simple thing, but over my four years there I saw what an important tradition it was to all of the athletes at HC and one that helped bind us together and remind us of our continual improvement.   I’m excited to have a similar sign up at CrossFit Hyannis to act as a quick  and consistent reminder that each day you come here you get a little better… at life.

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