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Thursday, March 9, 2017


EMOM 28:

1- 15/12 Cal Row

2- 15 Wall Balls

3- 10/8 Cal Bike

4- 6 Snatch (60% of 1RM)

WHAT?!  There’s no scored component to the workout?!!!  Yes, that’s right- and that’s ok!  With many people wanting to perform their best on Friday for the Open workout we will be doing an “active recovery” session on Thursday.  Although some people perform best taking a full rest day the day prior to competition, many people find they benefit from moving, sweating, getting their blood flowing and their heart rate up a bit as opposed to doing nothing at all.  There will also be time for additional mobility, skill work, etc.  As always, the reps and loads can be altered in this workout to make it more appropriate for what the individual athlete is looking for (too hard, reduce the reps; too easy- increase reps, load, or intensity).  The objective here is to prep your body and mind for success.  The Open is upon us, we’re ready- now let’s have some fun!

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