Lessons Learned

If you have a chance read this article about CrossFit from Pat Sherwood entitled “Lessons Learned.”  He gives some really great insights about CrossFit, training, the importance of good form, nutrition, and even going lighter than you think (shocking, I know).  The WOD from today is mentioned in the article, and rest assured it is no joke.  There are so many amazing resources out there about every facet of CrossFit, if you’re ever bored hop on www.crossfit.com and check it out!  I continue to be impressed/amazed/inspired by the training that goes on at the gym- keep up the good work and remember that CrossFit is a journey.  Enjoy the progress as it happens, and know that with dedication and hard work you’ll continue to excel.


3 Rounds

10 Squat Cleans (135/95)

20 Box Jumps

With remaining class time work on any goats you have or skills you would like to develop (handstand pushups, rope climb, pistols, pull-ups, etc.).

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