Lift Up Luke! Barbells for Boobs!

Join us on October 19th, beginning at 10:00am, to help us support both Mammograms in Action and the Autism Tree Project Foundation.

You will have the choice to do one or both workouts, and all money raised on this day will be split between the two organizations (unless donor specifies otherwise).  We are looking forward to supporting both great causes, below are some words from Bridget about why supporting The Autism Tree Project Foundation is so important to us!

From Coach Bridget:

Brennan is a smart, funny and loving six year old boy who has endless energy. Brennan was diagnosed last year around this time with Autism. Autism was once described to me as your child being stuck behind a window and you need to pull him through before the window closes.  Brennan was stuck behind that window and early intervention helped to “pull him through the window.”  Brennan received early intervention service which change his ability to communicate and socially interact. He went from being in his own world (you could scream his name and he would not turn around), to interacting with me and communicating. Every word, every sentence, was so precious and continues to be celebrated everyday of our lives.  Brennan continues to receive services  that allow him to be in a typical classroom with his peers. He continues to make steady progress and “Gets Better Every Day.”  Did I mention he’s a Crossfit Kid?  He loves the gym- wonder who he gets that from?!

Charities like Lift up Luke raise money to help families get the service they need for their child.

Please join us on October 19th to help raise money for Brennan and kids like him!

To officially register, click below.  (We will also be taking donations on the day of the event).

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