Macro Calculations!

Macro CalculationsWe are now offering macronutrient calculations. This service is for athletes interested in tracking their Proteins, Fats and Carbohydrates to optimize their performance, improve their body composition, and most importantly to feel their best.  This service can also be helpful to athletes that have been tracking their macros and lost weight or are at a plateau and need an adjustment. You will receive both work out days and rest days numbers.
We continue to offer one on one nutrition coaching which offer a personalized plan as well as weekly check ins.
These services are available for members and nonmembers. See website for more detail on these programs.
Contact Bridget at to set up your consult.
Just Macros: $35/non members $45
One on One Nutrition Coaching:
1 month $75/non members $100
3 months $150/non members $275

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