Max Reps! Push It!

Monday, March 23, 2020

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EMOM 12, alt.:

Odd: 200m Run or approximately :45-60 of jump rope, mountain climbers, jumping jacks, bike, etc.

Even: 10 Push ups with :05 negative each rep OR 10 DB Floor Press with :05 negative

2 Rounds,

Accumulate Max Reps of Each:

3:00  Burpees

3:00 Lunge/Lunge/Squat/Jump Squat (these are unloaded- Lunge/Lunge/Squat/Jump Squat is one rep)

3:00 Thrusters (DB, KB, single arm or double arm- use what ya got)

*1:00 Rest between each movement, score is total reps

Cash Out


Russian Twists

Flutter kicks (4 Count)

Janet getting after it!!!

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