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Not Reaching Your Potential?

Become the Best Version of Yourself

Ainsley Nickerson

Three years ago I could not be convinced to get up early for the gym, let alone be obsessed with the place. I’m not a morning person, I did not grow up playing sports, and I was intimidated by the term “CrossFit.”  Today, I can’t get out of bed fast enough, and my wardrobe has been dominated by CFHY shirts and gear. CrossFit Hyannis has become my home, my place for therapy, my social hour, and my saving grace.  Sure, the workouts are tough and you get a good sweat on. However, it comes with great memories and awesome people. We all come from different walks of life, have various goals and hesitations but we work together and build each other up.

It is important to find a good doctor, teacher, hair stylist, etc. But I have found that finding a coach is just as important.  Katie has put her all into her gym and the members and continues to do so. She listens to you and is there for you every step of the way. She is never focused on herself and her own training, her members come first and it is evident.  CrossFit is my favorite part of the day, I can’t think of a better way to start it. I encourage anyone and everyone to just walk through the door; that is the hardest part. Next thing you know, it will be three years later and you’ll be a better version of yourself.

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Stagnated in Your Current Routine?

Rekindle Your Inner Competitor

Jason Parrent

Roughly 2 ½ years ago I was bored picking things up and putting them down at my gym.  My work out routine had stagnated and I needed a change.  I’d seen online and on television new kinds (at least to me) of workouts and gyms.  At the same time a couple of women from my office had recently started at CrossFit Hyannis.  I read up on it and decided it was absolutely what I wanted to try.

Honestly, the first class was overwhelming and intimidating.  There were movements and terms and exercises I was not familiar with.  But, I also noticed that the gym was not a bunch of muscle heads, though the people were doing things that I only imagined muscle heads dream of (and couldn’t imagine doing myself…but of course now I can).  There were people in their 20s, people in their 50s, men, women, people seemingly in various levels of fitness.  With these differences though they each had one thing in common, they seemed happy to be working out, doing the WOD, happy to be there.

I came back for another day.  And I haven’t left.  CrossFit Hyannis has become an important a part of my life.  I began learning that first day what I now know to be true:  CrossFit may not ultimately be for everybody, but it can be for anybody and I absolutely encourage people to try it all the time.  The workouts are hard and they are varied and without fail they leave me loving the sweat and the “just worked my bleep off” feeling that I get.  I am stronger than I was 2 ½ years ago.  I am faster.  I jump higher.  I am generally more fit.  The workouts have brought back my inner competitor and athlete that I missed.  Every day is a competition against myself.  Some days are competitions against others in the class, but let me clarify…these are competitions because these are my friends and it is fun to push each other, help each other, cheer each other (and occasionally beat each other).

This leads to the other thing I learned, and maybe the most important.  CrossFit is fun and CrossFit Hyannis is a family.  I don’t know if I knew that I was missing some “community” in my life at the time, but I do know I’m so happy I found it at CrossFit Hyannis.  Katie Falkowski runs the gym with the help of her family and she makes sure we all feel like part of her family.  My body is stronger and I am healthier, but truly my mind is stronger and my soul is healthier too thanks to the relationships formed at CrossFit Hyannis and the supportive atmosphere.  In many ways I have pushed myself with people from the gym, and because of the gym.  For me CrossFit has opened doors to other ways to exercise and other experiences/events.  CrossFit Hyannis has helped me find another way to continue being a positive role model as a father.  CrossFit Hyannis has helped me in continued learning about myself and made me a more confident person.

I can’t recommend strongly enough that people try CrossFit.  Even more strongly I would encourage them to consider trying it at CrossFit Hyannis.

Jason and boys


Want to Try Something New?

Be Part of Livin’ the Dream

Katie Clancy

CrossFit as Fitness: I joined CFHY with the primary goal of losing weight but after 10 weeks I hadn’t lost a pound. However, I dropped a pants size, my posture was taller, I felt 10 years younger, and my outlook on life was 100% better. I swapped running for CrossFit, and in 6 weeks took two minutes off my 5K time. I hadn’t even considered these as possible benefits. The positive impact on my whole life is far beyond my greatest expectations. And this was only after my first 10 weeks.

Getting Started at CrossFit : You don’t need to be young. You don’t need to know anything about athletics. You don’t need talent. You don’t need coordination. You don’t even need all your limbs for heavens sake. All you need for CrossFit is a little goal and a little courage. Just show up. A friendly, knowledgeable coach will meet you at the door and walk you through your first steps and every step thereafter.

CFHY: I love how CFHY is a CrossFit Only facility, and how they are engaged with the larger CrossFit community. This box feels very connected. Every other weekend it seems our coach Katie F. is out getting another training or certification (or competing somewhere). We participate in special national WODs with affiliates from all over the world. Katie even wrote a hero WOD for hometown boy Nick Xiarhos, a marine killed in Afghanistan in 2009. I hope we see it on the CrossFit site one day! Katie’s motto is ‘Livin’ the Dream’. She dreams big, and am excited to be along for the ride!

© Michelle Kaye Photography

Visiting Cape Cod?

Your Box Away From Home

Dan Sunderland

Crossfit Hyannis has become my home away from home during the summer and on weekends.  Katie et al put together consistently good programming – never skimping on strength work and challenging everyone every day.  I have been to many boxes around the country…and Crossfit Hyannis stands out not only because of its programming, but also because of the strength of the community and of the coaching.  The CrossFit community is diverse…so no one should worry about scaling…and masters of all ages can feel at home.  This place is all about getting fit and staying fit.  Therefore, if you’re looking for a place to park yourself for a series of workouts this is a very welcoming place to be.

Dan S