Endurance Team

CrossFit Hyannis Endurance Team


The CFHY Endurance Team is for anyone who wants to work hard and push themselves. Whether you are training for a race, or just want to become a better CrossFitter, get in on some of the CFHY Endurance WODs and you are a member of the CFHY Endurance Team! (That’s right, you can’t get cut!)

What do the CFHY Endurance WODs entail?

Each week there are three CFE WODs. One will be a short interval, one will be a long interval, and one will be a tempo run or time trial. These WODS are meant to be done with a high level of intensity, and are only effective if you bring that intensity. In order for the program to be effective you need to make sure you are hitting each type of CFE WOD- don’t cherry pick!

When do I do the CF Endurance WODs?

Ideally these WODs will be done on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday (although any combination with a day rest in between works) with at least three hours rest between your regular CrossFit WOD and the Endurance WOD.

The CF Endurance WODs can be done by yourself, or you can find another member of the CFHY Endurance Team to join in on the fun with you.

So do I do the CrossFit WODs and the Endurance WODs?

Yes. The Endurance WODs are not a replacement for your regular CrossFit WODs. Ideally you want to work up to doing 4-6 CrossFit WODs and the 3 CF Endurance WODs each week. A word of caution: be aware of overtraining. If you’re not ready for this type of volume, take it slow.