“Mobilizing Your Mind: 21 Day Challenge For Best Results” Kicks off THIS SATURDAY!

We are excited to welcome Brooke Snyder, a passionate CrossFitter and teacher of Mindfulness and Meditation to CrossFit Hyannis this Saturday at noon to kick off a 21 Day Challenge entitled “Mobilizing Your Mind: 21 Day Challenge For Best Results.” Cost is $25 and you will get both her presentation and leave with the tools to practice for 21 days (and beyond) to help you feel your best.

Brooke’s mission is to educate and empower members by giving them tools and techniques to help them feel their very best.  Her focus is on helping her fellow friends and everyday athletes who train hard, but have no idea how to rest and recover.

CrossFit helps people of all ages and abilities build the foundation for proper movement and nutrition, but there’s a missing piece of the pyramid, and that is training the most powerful muscle that drives all behavior and results: the mind.

Here’s the thing: your body and brain don’t know the difference between doing Fran and being chased by a bear.

Most members train 4-6x a week. Some even twice a day. Some may follow the 3 on, 1 off schedule. They google questions like, “How often should I take rest days? How many rest days do athletes need? How can I recover faster? How much sleep is good? Is it bad if I workout everyday?”

A majority of members peel themselves off the floor post workout and go about their day.

The time spent working out (especially CrossFit workouts) are a great stress. But members are going from stress to stress. It’s all stress, nonetheless.

They might work in a bit of stretching and mobility (maybe) some may do Mobility WOD or ROMWOD, which is great.

What Brooke offers is teaching a stress-relieving tool that gives the body and brain deep rest (5x deeper than sleep).

When you give your brain and body the chance to recharge, it heals itself. And less stress means less time spent at the doctor’s office (90 percent of visits are stress related) and less injury.

In this 21 Day Challenge “Mobilizing Your Mind: 21 Day Challenge For Best Results” Brooke will teach you tools so you can practice for 21 days and she can work with you post challenge on questions etc.

The cost of the Challenge and presentation THIS SATURDAY AT NOON is $25- please sign up at the gym or e-mail Katie@crossfithyannis.com with questions or to sign up.  

You can learn more about Brooke here: http://www.brookesnyderwellness.com

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