Need more nutritional guidance?

Just in time for the Fulfill Your Potential Nutrition Challenge…

CrossFit Hyannis is excited to offer Nutrition Coaching to its members! This is an opportunity to work one-on-one with a coach to address nutritional goals and get you on the right track.
Included in this service is:
One 30-45 Minute initial consult which will include:
-Explain and review the basic principles of flexible dieting and eating real food in proper quantities to support your lifestyle and activities
-Current weight, goal weight
-Non-scale goals (performance, etc.)
-What does your current diet look like?
-Why do you want to better your nutrition?
-What is your level of commitment and expectations.
-Baseline macros for rest day and workout days.

This initial consult will be followed up with two 30 minute meetings at two weeks and four weeks. At this time we will  adjust macros as necessary.

You will also receive a packet of resources, topics to include information on:
-Pre and post workout meal ideas
-Meal timing (including intra/post workout)
-The importance of meal prep and having healthy options available at all times
-How does My Fitness Pal work- tips and tricks
-List of good sources of protein, carbs, and fat
-Articles, books, podcast suggestions

Cost is $75.¬† If you’re interested or have questions e-mail

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