November CFHY Athlete of the Month: Kevin Giardino

The CrossFit Hyannis Athlete of the Month for November is Kevin Giardino.  Although Kevin is relatively new to CFHY he has already showed a huge level of dedication and commitment to bettering himself and putting in the necessary work to do so.  Since day one Kevin has seen the value in learning the proper form and technique to  execute movements correctly- he doesn’t rush the process and knows that it takes time to develop the strength and skill needed to excel.

Kevin isn’t afraid to ask questions and is extremely coachable.  Just because something is hard does not deter Kevin from putting in the time and effort needed to get better.  He realizes it is a process and puts in the necessary work to improve.

Part of Kevin’s quick progress has been his ability to set reasonable goals and put in the necessary work needed to reach them.  In CrossFit there are so many things to work on it can be hard to identify where to put your time and energy- but through proper goal setting he has been able to work at and practice what he desires to get better at.  He has shown great improvement in double unders and Olympic lifting, and has been pursing his goal of an improved “Fran” time be tirelessly working on his pull ups and thrusters.

Kevin is new on his CrossFit journey but he will undoubtedly continue to improve as he embrace the process with consistency and great energy.  Keep it up Kevin!

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