Why Isagenix?

CFHY Isagenix LogoAt CrossFit Hyannis we have partnered with Isagenix to provide our  members access to some of the best supplements and weight management products on the market.  The standards of Isagenix products are “Quality and Integrity” and they select the highest quality ingredients for all of their products, which are backed by science.

At CrossFit Hyannis we believe that there is no supplement for hard work- both inside the gym and out.  The reality is, however, that no matter how hard you work in the gym if you are not taking care of your diet, nutrition, supplementation and hydration you will never maximize your potential.  Working hard for an hour in the gym is a big part of the equation, but how you fuel yourself the other 23 hours is also of supreme importance.

We offer Isagenix products as a service to our members so that they can more fully benefit from the work that they do in the gym and to live healthy lives.  In addition to providing our members with an optimal training experience, our goal is to educate our members on the importance of sound nutritional strategies and the benefits that appropriate supplementation can do for them as they work toward their goals.

The first key is having a solid nutritional strategy based on real, whole foods in appropriate quantities.  Second to that there are many benefits to appropriately supplementing your training- including aiding in recovery, helping build lean muscle mass, managing your weight, etc.

Over the last six years members have regularly asked us for advice on what supplements to take, and we feel confident in directing people to Isagenix products to meet their needs and help them reach their goals.

If you have any questions please ask or e-mail Katie (katie@crossfithyannis.com) and check out the info at the gym and www.kfalfun.isagenix.com

Check out some of our members amazing results while using Isagenix in conjunction with a nutrition Challenge at CrossFit Hyannis.  These percentages are body weight lost over a six-week period while using Isagenix products, training hard, and being committed.  Whether you are looking to lose weight, improve performance (or both!), or just feel better- Isagenix can help.

FYP 2017 Challenge WinnersCFHY Member Testimonials

Carrie Glenn:

“Rewind to pre-Isagenix and I was half ass counting my macros and eating whatever I wanted for dinner on the weekends. I would drop weight during the week and end up right back where I started after the weekend.

When Isagenix was introduced to us, I decided to go with the performance pack as losing weight was important to me, but I really wanted to see some improvement in my gym performance. There was no better way to see that than during testing month where I hit a PR on just about everything we tested. When we first started testing, I told myself now that I was down weight (about 10-15#) that I shouldn’t expect to hit PRs on my lifts, but expected to see improvement with gymnastic work thinking it would be easier to move my weight around. One of our first testing lifts was back squats and I was convinced that I would be at least 10# below my PR last year when I was training solely for a power lifting meet (which meant no metcons and minimal cardio) so I was ecstatic to hit a 5# PR when my focus has not been on lifting. As the days kept passing, the PRs kept rolling. I hit a PR on all the gymnastic moves (that I can do- aka no muscle ups) and a PR on all lifts with the exception of my push press…

Things I love about Isagenix:
1. My energy levels are much higher. I have had medical issues for a few years that cause chronic fatigue levels and have always struggled with the constant feeling of being tired. Since on Isagenix my fatigue levels have significantly decreased.
2. The shakes are delicious
3. The preworkout doesn’t make me jittery and crazy like many of them do.
4. I am rarely hungry- which also means less h-anger is which is good for everyone in direct contact with me.
5. I am down 10% of my body weight and feel stronger than ever”

Taylor McKeown:

“Isagenix is one of the best things I have done for my body. I’m not in college anymore  and I cannot “fuel” by body the way I used to (subpar fuel).  So this is how Isagenix has changed the way I look at nutrition not only in the gym but in everyday life.
~ I FEEL BETTER: I have more energy throughout the day when I fuel my body properly. I start my day with ionix and a healthy breakfast.
~ ITS EASY TO GIVE YOUR BODY THE NUTRITION THAT IT NEEDS: instead of reach for that quick snack to fill you up I reach for my IsaLean Pro shake. A choice that I can feel good about (and it tastes good)
~MEAL REPLACEMENT: I NEVER ate enough when I worked my 12+hour shift. Not giving your body what it needs to stay functioning properly can be detrimental to your progress to a healthy lifestyle. Now a wake up a little earlier (because I have the energy) to make a good breakfast to keep me full for the morning) then midday I will have an IsaLean pro shake to keep me properly full and satisfied and then in the afternoon I will have an AMPED protein bar. This keeps me full until dinner time!
ENHANCING MY WORKOUTS: I had never never used a pre and/or post workout supplements before. Now I use AMPED Power before, hydrate during and Recover after and it has made a huge difference! I was able to PR all my attempted lifts except my Deadlift during our training month( that’s what happens when you fuel your body properly).
I honestly did not realize how much my nutrition dictates my successes in and out of the gym!  I feel better throughout the day, I am crushing my workouts and have an overall better energy level to conquer any challenge that I may face throughout my day.
I DID NOT start Isagenix to loss weight BUT it has helped me get my nutrition back on track WHICH helped get me back down to my college weight!! I have lost almost 10# with this realistic lifestyle change.

The best part about Isagenix is that ITS EASY! You can make small, easy changes to your diet/ lifestyle that will help you make better overall choices to help you fulfill your potential.  Isagenix helps me fulfill my potential!! I can’t wait to see what the future holds.”


If you’re into the science, take a look at these articles: http://www.isagenixhealth.net/isagenix-science/

Here’s a great video about the 30 Day Program and the concept of “Nutritional Rebalancing” from Melissa Henault who holds a Doctorate in Pharmacy.  She discusses the three pillars of how Isagenix products can help get you looking and feeling better: nutrition, reduction in inflammation and stress, and detoxification.

Again, there is no magic bullet. You have to do the work. That being said, how you fuel your body can have a big impact on how you perform and recover.  Generally speaking- you want to put as much good, quality food into your body as possible while reducing the not-so-good things and finding an overall balance that works in your life.

In this video Katie explains how she uses Isagenix products pre, intra, and post workout.  Having a nutritional protocol for yourself that emphasizes good food in both quality and quantity, and optimizing the critical times around your workout can make a HUGE difference on how you look, feel, and perform.

And some videos showcasing the AMPED performance line- just to get you fired up.


Again, if you have any questions please ask or e-mail Katie (katie@crossfithyannis.com) and check out the info at the gym and www.kfalfun.isagenix.com