October Athlete of the Month: Lindsay Totten

The CrossFit Hyannis Athlete of the Month for October is Linsday Totten.  Linsday is a hard worker, naturally athletic, and brings great joy to the CrossFit Hyannis community.  No matter the situation she always has a smile on her face- whether she’s crushing a workout or working her way through one of her more challenging movements.

When she began CrossFit she was already strong and in good shape, and CrossFit has only added to her abilities.  She picks things up quickly and puts in the work necessary when she discovers a new skill or movement she would like to get better at.

Linsday is only just beginning to scrape the surface of her abilities, and perhaps one of her biggest hurdles to overcome is to realize just how strong she is and how much potential that she truly has.  She can do more than she givers herself credit for- and luckily has a community around her to help push her and realize her potential.  She competed in both the Sun’s Out Guns Out Partner Brawl and the CrossFit Team Series, where she both performed and excelled at movements and loadings that she had previous doubts about.  Her skill and strength was there, and the additional push brought out the best in her.

In addition to pushing herself in the gym, she is a constant source of encouragement to those around her as well.  She acts as a positive and inspiring influence to all members of our CrossFit Hyannis family and we are lucky to have her as part of our community.  It’s amazing to see her daily progress, and exciting to think about how she will continue to develop as an athlete.

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