One Bar, Three Girls

Monday, January 28, 2013


“One Bar, Three Girls”


Thrusters (135/95)

Pull Ups

Squat Cleans

Ring Dips



Athlete will use one weight for all barbell movements.


The Open is Upon Us!!!

For those of you who don’t know, the CrossFit Open is the first step on the “road to the CrossFit Games” and this year goes from March 6-April 3.  Each week a workout is posted and CrossFitters from around the world complete it at their home gyms- seeing how they fare against others.  Those who finish atop the Open go on to Regionals, and from Regionals to the CrossFit Games.

BUT here’s the BEAUTIFUL part- the CrossFit Open is for ALL CrossFitters.  It is a way to unite with CrossFitters from across the globe, sharing in a singular workout each week- sharing joys and struggles, commiserating over the pain of a workout and celebrating the victory of having completed it.   The Open isn’t just for Firebreathers with hopes of making it to the Games; it’s for the average joe who loves the thrill of competition, the community that CrossFit brings, and the challenge of doing something out of your comfort zone- the CrossFit Open is for YOU.  Registration for the Open begins on January 30th, and I encourage ALL MEMBERS of CrossFit Hyannis to sign up.  Yes, everybody.  Check out The CrossFit Games Site for more information and watch this video about why some CrossFitters choose to compete in the The Open:  “I’m Competing in the CrossFit Open Because…”

 You are a CrossFit Competitor.

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