Our Why

Why does CrossFit Hyannis exist? Why do we open the doors each day and do what we do, what drives us?

As Simon Sinek popularly pointed out in his TED Talk and book “Start With Why” truly successful endeavors begin not with the question of “what” or “how” but rather “why”. He argues that in order to have long-term success and gratification you must know your why.

Our coaches and owners know the “why” of CrossFit Hyannis, and although we hope that it is evident to all who walk through our doors- it’s always a helpful practice to reflect and share our insights. As we continue on in our fourth summer at CrossFit Hyannis, it seemed like an apt time to reflect and share what we believe our why is.

It may seem like the why is obvious- we exist to train people in the CrossFit methodology- increasing their health and fitness by using constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity. But this answers more the question of what we do along with how we do it, but does not tap into the true question of why we exist.

The true why goes much deeper than barbells and burpees, and we believe it is what makes CrossFit Hyannis someplace significant and transformative for those who commit to being part of our community. We exist with the goal of helping to enhance people’s lives and to aid in making them the best versions of themselves- not just in the physical realm by lifting more weights, running faster, or losing weight/gaining muscle (although these are all certainly things that happen). By fostering a community of support with a deeply engrained belief that by showing up and working hard you can in fact be better every day, our goal is to make our members lives both inside and outside the gym better.

We ask our members to show up and do their best, push themselves beyond what they previously thought possible, and lift up those around them. The culture of CrossFit Hyannis asks that you are willing to put in work and time to reach your goals- there are no shortcuts. We believe that these tenets and practices when displayed in the gym seep out into other aspects of your life. In a world of instant gratification, we know that it is the daily adherence to the pursuit of excellence that brings true fulfillment. The joy is in the process- yes both it’s ups and downs- and the celebration of reaching what we set out to do is only truly appreciated when we can experience it with the community around us who supported us along the way.

We hope that our members, visitors, and all those who have ever been to CrossFit Hyannis see and feel our why in all that we do. We hope in some way we enrich your life, and we’re grateful for the daily inspiration that our members bring to us.

© 2015 Michelle Kaye Photography www.mkayephoto.com

© 2015 Michelle Kaye Photography

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