Paleo Challenge Winners!

EVERYONE’S A WINNER!  Congrats to those who participated in the Spring 2013 Paleo Challenge.  I hope that you learned something from the experience, and will stay committed to eating clean and healthy.  It’s been amazing to see people’s progress, and the improvements that people saw on the benchmark workouts were incredible.  Below are the winners of the CFHY 2013 Spring Paleo Challenge and a couple fun facts about their results:

1.  Dave Morin (Lost 24.8 pounds and 6 inches, added 7 reps to “Lucky #7,” over 4 rounds to “Cindy,” and shaved almost 4 minutes off of his “Better Than I Used to Be” time)

2.  Lindsey Arrimour (lost over 15 pounds, added 12 reps to “Lucky #7,” several rounds to “Cindy” and over 3 minutes to “Better…”)

3.  Karen Driscoll (ate like a cavewoman, lost almost 10lbs, and consistently improved on each benchmark WOD)


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